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Prioritizing the Health and Safety of Our Young Clients

Trusted by all who use our services

PottersTouch is committed to providing the best possible care for your loved ones. We specialize in offering top-tier, child-focused care and transportation services, and we’re trusted by families across Ohio. With a gentle and compassionate approach, we’re here to ensure the safety and wellness of those under our care.

What we do

At PottersTouch LLC, we are passionate about providing top-tier, child-focused post-acute, long-term care, and transportation services. Our core mission is to deliver excellent clinical and transport solutions with a gentle, compassionate approach. While our primary focus is on children's healthcare, our services cater to all age groups. We strive to foster an environment of safety, healing, and comprehensive wellness for every client.

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What we offer

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our clients.

In-home Services

We offer hands-on assistance with activities such as grooming, ensuring safety, and aiding with independent ambulation, with special attention to the needs of children and elderly.

Medical Services

Our skilled therapies include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology, which are particularly beneficial for children's development. Our healthcare professionals, including registered nurses and advanced nurse practitioners, provide dedicated care for each patient, regardless of age.

Pediatric and Adult Nursing

Our specialized pediatric nurses make regular home visits to ensure the overall well-being of all children under our care. At the same time, our adult nursing staff conducts thorough assessments for adult clients, serving as patient advocates.

Home Health Aides

Our home health aides assist patients of all ages with medication administration, meal preparation, feeding, and light housekeeping. They engage children in fun daily activities, provide companionship, and support adults with everyday tasks.


We provide safe and comfortable rides for school drop-offs, doctors’ appointments, medication pickups, and grocery shopping, with special assistance for wheelchair accessibility.

Comprehensive Care Coordinator

Our care coordinators manage all aspects of patient care, from scheduling children's activities to coordinating adult healthcare appointments. They ensure seamless, coordinated care for all ages, alleviate the stress of managing multiple healthcare needs, and keep family members updated on their loved ones' progress.

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Daily Activities

We specialize in organizing a wide range of daily activities, tailored for the enrichment of our young clients. While our focus is children, we cater to all age groups. Our activities include:


Tailored to children's needs while being suitable for all age groups.

Cognitive Social Interaction

Promoting cognitive development in children and maintaining cognitive health in adults.


Assistance with tasks, with an emphasis on those suitable for children, such as educational errands.


Safe and reliable transportation services, from school runs to medical appointments.

Medication Pickup

Coordinated and secure medication pick-up service, ensuring the health needs of all clients are met.

Meal Prep

Preparation of healthy and child-friendly meals, catering to the nutritional needs of all clients.

Light Housekeeping

Maintaining a clean and organized environment that's safe for children and comfortable for all clients.

Round-the-clock support?We provide 24/7 support all year round.

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Knowing the importance of qualify care, I developed an insatiable desire to provide patient centered care that focuses on the wellbeing of each individual, one patient at a time.

Rachel Essel

CEO at Potterstouch LLC

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